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Dublin Bay Cruises

Earlier today, I was invited by Anastacia to join Tayo and herself on Dublin Bay Cruises¬†from Dublin city centre to Howth. I’ve went for another cruise with this company before, from Dun Laoghaire to city centre. It seems a great opportunity to visit Howth again. We departed at 11am from Sir John Rogersons’s Quay.

Dublin Bay CruisesThe weather was warm although it’s rather cloudy then, I was contemplating whether to bring a jacket with me or not. It was a right decision to bring one, as it became very windy and cold when we’re out in the open sea. The girls definitely enjoyed themselves, especially Anastacia. Tayo still has a fear to go the end of the boat, kept holding on the rail for fear of falling into the water. Half way through the cruise, I got a little seasick and decided to stay in the cabin while watching a documentary about whales and deep sea life.

Happy girls on the cruiseHappy AnastaciaAfter an hour and half, we finally arrived in Howth, just in time for lunch. We went to a tapas restaurant, Octopussy, mainly because of its name and it also serves non-seafood items (Anastacia doesn’t like seafood). Later, I discovered it was ranked 3rd in Top 10 Great Places to Eat Outdoors by Lovin Dublin. Only 9 more to find and dine. Summer, please come soon!Octopussy's Seafood TapasOctopussy's menuAnastacia ordered chicken wings, Tayo had a platter and I got myself a seafood chowder. Everything¬†was remarkably delicious, although the patata brava didn’t quite live up the expectation. I’m quite surprise how much I enjoyed the lightly battered anchovy. I’m glad we went in early to the restaurant since it got packed very quickly afterward. 3 groups were put in a 20-min queue to get seated in. We decided not to linger around after we finished the food due to this.Delicious lunchSeafood chowderAfterward we walked around Howth Market. I love food market, the smell of freshly baked goods, beautiful decorated dessert. I don’t quite know what to buy, quite relieved that I was stuffed from lunch. Otherwise I’d probably ended up buying dozens of the mini cupcakes.Mini cupcakes


But I can’t totally control myself so I bought ONE mini Oreo cupcake, just to satisfy the craving. Plus a woven bracelet, it matches to the mori girl look I’m working on for Hakone trip. Afterward Anastacia and I shared a scoop of black forest ice cream. That should be enough for my diet (I hope).Gelatos

Candle tree

I call this tree next to the Olympic House “Candle Tree”. Doesn’t it look like there are dozens of candle attached to it? Ready to be ignited.

In the evening I met Anna from Grumpy Bear Creation to discuss a Harajuku hairpiece commission. I ended up buying beautiful ponytails hairpiece made of foams and cyberlox. More to come soon but here’s the preview..Cyberlox ponytails