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Money saving travel tips!

Going Solo


There are so many different ways to save a few bob when planning a trip or when there. Starting with flights and the very basics, Skyscanner mate. Use it on Incognito mode so the airlines can’t see which flights are being repeatedly looked up and then jack up the prices. It’s good to have some flexibility here, especially if there’s somewhere you want to go but don’t mind when you go. You can also set up price alerts for flights around the same dates, a few dates either side. For example if you wanted to go 5th-10th, check for 4th-9th, 3rd-8th etc. This way you can get the same amount of time there but you could have significantly cheaper flights. If like me you’re a Monday-Friday person I’ve found Saturday-Monday flights cheaper than Friday-Sunday, so worth checking.

If you’re super flexible about where you go I strongly recommend following

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Henry, and the little people of Salt.

Justice for the Salt People

Nero Saint presents...

Shame filled Henry where he sat across from the two detectives. Even though what it should have been was guilt. The cops had put the black box through the revealer, only to discover that it was an apartment console. Even though he was at the station only as a witness to a crime against him, he had to answer for why he, as a travelling salesman, had such a console in his luggage. A console that should have been safe and secure at the University for Complex Beings.

“Who are these people, and why are they travelling in your suitcase? Be aware that you are entitled to an advocate, as we might be charging you with a violation of the rights of Complex Beings. A crime punishable by a lifetime imprisonment, as well as regular sessions of cruel and unusual punishment as defined by the legal mandates of 2083 in…

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I have no tears

Emotion is strong here.


I don’t want to care.
I don’t want my tears.
Not yours either.
I don’t want the strength of it.

For I see where it leads,
That slow bloom of anger.
Of hate misunderstood.

Your empathy comes with fists.
To go with your black heart.
Crafted by one sided views.
Like most fashions that touch us.

While I mourn that you see it so,
I mourn because I see it too.
My world is changing.
With you, shaping it.

I can do nothing.
So I shed no tear.
Not for you. Not for him.
For helplessness maybe.
Not for me.

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