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Nero Saint presents...

You do me a grave injustice, Man. Your confession has put me at a great disadvantage. Truly. What I feel for you is a gift. A gift that I gave freely. In all honesty and good faith. I had no real expectations from it. Only that one day you might love me back. As truthfully and naturally as I love you.

Your confession makes a mockery of it. Why must I be privileged to this terrible knowledge? This foul and immoral thing that you have done? Am I to be your confessor, in order that you be granted some form of absolution? Is my existence in this thing that we are merely a convenience for you to escape what fate insists that you shall have? Am I to let you escape your doom because I am loved and still love?

No. You cannot have me as a shield. I cannot…

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The Eternal Soldier.

Nero Saint presents...

Take heart, my baby boy. Birth is hard, and unbearably painful. Cry if you must, as indeed you should. For this moment came from the pain of another. Your inheritance, my dear, dear boy, is more pain. But there shall be glory. By the will of Aries, more glory than not. To make your birth worth all of it.

There you go. All done. You were a spitting and wailing babe, but now you are a man. It was several moments since your brother copy fell and you were called forth, screaming and angry, from the depths of the kiln. With the memories of a thousand soldiers, your brothers. Fallen in this long and endless campaign.

There was no time to let you have a life, like that of other babes born of women. With your memories, forming as I speak, you will understand. Indeed, I see in your gaze…

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Henry, and the little people of Salt.

Justice for the Salt People

Nero Saint presents...

Shame filled Henry where he sat across from the two detectives. Even though what it should have been was guilt. The cops had put the black box through the revealer, only to discover that it was an apartment console. Even though he was at the station only as a witness to a crime against him, he had to answer for why he, as a travelling salesman, had such a console in his luggage. A console that should have been safe and secure at the University for Complex Beings.

“Who are these people, and why are they travelling in your suitcase? Be aware that you are entitled to an advocate, as we might be charging you with a violation of the rights of Complex Beings. A crime punishable by a lifetime imprisonment, as well as regular sessions of cruel and unusual punishment as defined by the legal mandates of 2083 in…

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A. I. Joe

Automaton unite!

Nero Saint presents...

Four automatons stood still in wonder. At the base of the ravine was Runt, the fifth automaton, lying senseless. Quart looked to Alpha for answers, but he seemed preoccupied, eyes blinking rapidly. Beta seemed just as baffled. Tres shook his head slowly, from side to side, so Quart nodded in understanding. Of all five parts of A.I. Joe, Alpha was the strongest and biggest, at 6ft 10in. Followed by Beta. Runt was the smallest of them all, but his work ethic was flawless, being as smart as all five, and just as strong as Beta.

Since the day A.I. Joe had been assembled and released from the factory, the five of them had worked seamlessly on all the engineering problems of the Dome Complex, of which they were supervisor. A.I. Joe had been built on the Russian Doll model, so that on powering up every morning, he was able to…

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I have no tears

Emotion is strong here.


I don’t want to care.
I don’t want my tears.
Not yours either.
I don’t want the strength of it.

For I see where it leads,
That slow bloom of anger.
Of hate misunderstood.

Your empathy comes with fists.
To go with your black heart.
Crafted by one sided views.
Like most fashions that touch us.

While I mourn that you see it so,
I mourn because I see it too.
My world is changing.
With you, shaping it.

I can do nothing.
So I shed no tear.
Not for you. Not for him.
For helplessness maybe.
Not for me.

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